The Kindness of Color By Janice Munemitsu
The Kindness of Color By Janice Munemitsu
The Kindness of Color is the true story of two immigrant families, their struggle against racism in the 1940s, and the kindnesses that helped them toward a brighter future.

One family faced the unjust incarceration of the Japanese American internment during WWII while the other is denied equal access to public school education because of their last name and color of their skin.

Unexpectedly, their paths intertwine, ultimately paving the way for the 1947 landmark federal court case Mendez, et al. v. Westminster and the desegregation of California public schools seven years before 1954 Brown v. Board of Education.

In The Kindness of Color, Janice’s focus is on the power of collaboration and kindness in the midst of adversity and unjust racism. Her program will share the highlights of this true story and what we can learn and apply as we work toward greater unity and collaboration in our diverse multi-racial and multi-cultural communities.

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The Kindness of Color