Aliyah to Zichron
Aliyah to Zichron

In 1882, 228 brave Zionists fled the oppressive laws and deadly pogroms in Romania in search of freedom and the chance to forge a better life for themselves and their descendants in the land of their ancestors. They struggled to reach Turkish-ruled Palestine where they settled a slope in the Carmel Mountains that came to be known as Zichron Yaakov. With grit and determination, hard work and self-sacrifice, these pioneers, and those that followed after them, helped establish a new Jewish homeland, the foundation of the modern state of Israel.

Written by Jerry Hirsch, the great grandson of two of those courageous pioneers, Aliyah to Zichron chronicles the fight for freedom and self-determination, providing a window onto a time of uncertainty in the search for a life of peace. Jerry Hirsch is now retired. He volunteers his time daily at the Museum of Tolerance, introducing a new generation of children to the lessons of the past.

Softbound 138 pages

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